MINDSEED2: Ways to Maximize your Mind Potential in 2018

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Well guys… its 2018.

First, I have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Many people waited for the clock to hit 12.00 am so that they could start working on their new year’s resolution.

If you are the type of person that is waiting for the new year to kick off so that you can start working on your vision, then you are simply LAZY. Because if you really meant it, you would not need to wait for 2018; instead, you would start executing your plans before the year takes shape.

In the last article, we looked at the different mindsets that we can find among different people. After you have decided on what you are about to change, then it is time to start working on new things.

You know that an idle is the devil’s workshop; therefore, with that said, this article offers you numerous ways to maximize on your new mindset this year.

  1. Keep your Mind Busy

If you were once a porn addict, it is time to start filling your mind with new things. This does not just go to porn addicts only; people who have other addictions should do that as well.

An addiction is something that drains you; anything that drains you takes away your very being, and makes you selfish-because that is the only thing that you find satisfaction in.

  1. Time to Build New Relationships

The story about a small eaglet that lived among chickens is a simple illustration of who we are most of the time. We spend time with the wrong people and things.

If you want to fly high, get in touch with other eagles. Otherwise you will be trying to fly while you are busy pecking the ground in the actual sense. To illustrate this further, mentors should help you soar to heights that you want to experience.

I have a friend whose mentor was angry with him because he looked for advice from the wrong people. This made him make wrong decisions; therefore, he was not able to achieve anything.

If your friends keep derailing you, then it is time to take your mindset away from them. They may think that you are becoming proud; on the other hand, sometimes you have to sacrifice some people to get you to the right destination.

  1. Work! Work! Work!

Work your way out of your current situation. Immediate success lacks gratification while real success takes time. Therefore, be ready to stumble, and be ready to get back on your feet quickly.

As you work, learn while on the job. Learn new patterns and qualities that may propel your success. Also, practice makes perfect. Your hands become more diligent as you work on each project that you engage in.

By the way, projects do not have to do with money solely. You can have a project that requires you to read a book.

Speaking of books, on to point number four:

  1. Read Books

The one thing that was most difficult for me to do was to read books. I was lazy. I had even formed a notion that watching documentaries was better than reading a book. However, I did not know what I was missing.

Just recently, one of my best friends was explaining to me that the reason he does not want to buy a television set is that he says that relevant studies showed that when you watch too much television, your mind becomes passive. You will only fantasize.

On the other hand, books help you to imagine, and the imagination creates images in your mind; hence, your mind is very active and creative.

Read books that help you to: answer questions that lead to where you want to be in a few months time, answers questions to how you will overcome a struggle, how you can start a business, etc, etc.

  1. Destroy Fear

My greatest fear is not water or the fear of failure. It is the fear of heights. I always tell my friends to take me on a high place whenever they want to get important information from me.

That is not the point that I want to put across today. Sometimes, for you to walk on a high level ground, you just need to focus on where you are going rather than looking downward. When you look downwards, you will always see your past, failures, mistakes, regrets, the list is endless.

BOOM! That is just another tweetable statement right there… hehe!

To me, fear is the number one factor that causes most of us not to ever become who they were supposed to be.

When you have fear, you are no different from the eaglet who does not know that his wings can take him to the highest peak of the tallest mountain in the world.


As you set your new year’s resolution, be ready to work.

Let us know what you think about the topic. If the article is a blessing to you, share it with your friends so that it can be a blessing to them too.

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