MINDSEED: How to Get Rid of a Bad Mindset and the Process of Getting a New One

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The mind is the most powerful tool that you have. You can either use or misuse it, abuse or enlarge it, and so on. What you do with your mind lies on the decisions you make.

The decisions you make determine the course that your life will take. This means that everything good or bad start in the mind. Even vision begins in the mind because vision is a thought process that brings in the whole concept of a vision.

What is the mind?

Everybody has his or her own definition of what the mind is.

For me, I know that the mind is a part of the heart. Actually, in some Bible translations, they would substitute the word heart with the word mind.
According to scientists, the mind and the brain are two different things.

Every mind has an attitude

Everyone tunes his or her mind depending on factors such as culture, race, nationality, age, gender, family or even religion. Thus, we come up with the word mindset.

Simply, a mindset has to do with an attitude. Now, Jesus used the parable of the sower to illustrate the different mindsets that we tune ourselves to. He used seed, or mindseed, to illustrate the different thoughts(whether good or bad) and ideas that come into our minds.

Avision starts in the form of a seed

The first set of seeds fell along a path. The path represents the type of mindset that is open but does not have the necessary foundation for the seed to grow. These people will get ideas but do not have the necessary foundation, or power to grow the seeds.

The second set of seed fell on a rocky surface. The rock, as much as it would represent a strong foundation, represents a mindset that has some little foundation, which promotes growth. However, growth is limited because the foundation is small.

The third set fell among thorns. These seeds have the right foundation; however, their growth becomes limited by the environment that it grows in. Sometimes, we have the right ideas and thoughts but the people we expect to help us implement the ideas are the people that will pull us down. The environment weakens your growth or vision.

The final set fell on good soil. The good soil represents people who have the right foundation, the right environment, and the right energy, or power, that they require to fulfill vision. In short, they have everything that the other type of mindset lacks.

How do you prepare your Mindset for Success

1. Try to See the End from the Beginning

When you get an idea, it helps you generate a vision. A vision is a processed idea or thought-as I mentioned earlier. Good visions come from the right mindset. You will not bear good vision if you have a limited mindset. For you to succeed in whichever area (be it relationships, spiritually, financially, healthwise, etc), you have to develop the right foundation, which is your mindset.

2. Prepare

Also, be ready. Prepare for what is coming. If you want to learn a musical instrument such as the guitar, be sure to get some information about learning the guitar first. Ask professionals, buy a guitar, enroll into a good guitar class, and be ready to pay the price.

3. Calculate the Cost of success

Most people have a tendency of refusing to calculate the cost before pursuing something. That is the reason you find it difficult to finish school, develop your business, or even develop relationships that will take you somewhere. People who build houses will never start building a house without having to first calculate the cost that he or she will incur. If you carefully consider the cost, and what you will lose, then it will be hard to give up in the middle of what you are doing.

4. Build the Right Foundations

First, you have to unlearn the old stuff that you stuffed your mind with. In short, you have to hate what you tune yourself to. Then, start learning new things. Start filling your mind with new stuff. For instance, if you believe it is difficult to lose weight, start by learning from people who did it. They will change your mindseed of thinking that the gym is boring, and eating healthy meals is a piece of work.

Some of the things we evade just need you to start. JUST DO IT!

Run from people that may pull you behind. Those people that will make you think that everything that you are doing is impossible. Embrace people that will help you to do the impossible.

When these new set of people come to you, be open to learn new things. Anything that makes you uncomfortable is actually the thing that pushes you to grow.

5. Deal with Past Failures

If you have ever been on the losing end, and you feel that you lost everything, then it is time you put that aside and focus on what is coming. Build yourself again, even if it means that you have to start from the bottom. Make sure that you will not repeat the same mistakes again.

Deal with Fear. Fear is a crippling force to our mindset. If you work with the fear that you will lose again, then you are not ready to try again.

Work diligently and passionately. Diligence and passion work hand in hand. Diligence on one hand helps you to be careful with the way you make decisions; passion helps you to put more effort in everything that you do.

Final Thoughts

Do not be afraid to try new things. We want to know what you think about the post. Be sure to leave a comment. Let us know what you think about mindseed.

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  1. Learnt that without a clear mindset one would be ending on a wrong path. Thanks this helps as we cross to a new year

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