How to Establish Your Business Professionally

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If you want to establish your business, you do not just wake up and launch it. Never has it ever been that way since the day people started building businesses. It is something that you should consider intently.

For the employed: a business can be a good way to earn some cash on a part time basis. But does it mean that it is time to quit your job once you establish the business and you start seeing some few coins? The Bible tells us not to muzzle the ox as it treadeth the grain. It means that you need to think carefully about what you are about to do.

How do you start doing business like a professional? our article today tries to explain some of the things you should think about to establish your business professionally.

An idea is still a seed

Avision starts in form of a seed

Everyone has a great idea. That is for sure. We all have this thought that we can be a solution to a problem, somewhere. And there is nothing wrong about that, absolutely.

Nevertheless, I have to be clear that an idea is just a seed. A seed is yet in its inactive form, and so, you will need to include the factor of time and money if you want that seed to grow. Therefore, as a seed needs the right environment and the right strategy to develop into a mature fruit, so does a business.

For more information about seeds and thoughts, check this blogpost:

Your idea is just where things start

The work here is to look for ways to ensure that you execute your idea in the right direction. And for that to happen, you may need to place yourself in a particular environment (which in this case is the market). Then, come up with a suitable strategy to capture that market.

As a seed needs to persevere specific challenges, so does this idea. You have to note down what problems you are going to face and how you are going to overcome them. For instance, you have to know your competition and their market share. Then find out how you can make sure that you are competitive just like they are. 

Your business needs a clear vision

People write business plans because this document guides their decisions and how they will run the business. When starting, you need to draft out your vision. Some of the questions that you would like to answer are:

  • What solution am I trying to bring?
  • Is this business worth my time or not?
  • What challenges am I going to face?
  • Do I have the ability to handle those challenges when they come?
  • What do I intend to communicate with my business?
  • Do I need partners?

Note that you need money to do business. However, do not limit your vision to how much money you do not have. You can start small and develop your business to being one of a kind.

By the way, if having money was so crucial, then we would not be having businesses such as Microsoft and Apple. 

The success of the two companies mentioned above came in because the founders had clear visions. They had an idea of what they wanted to achieve, notwithstanding the kind of market they wanted to reach.

You can learn more about building foundations here:

Expand Your Business Networks

Do not ever think that establishing a business is a one-person show. Never should that be the case

You need people around it. These people will support your business, criticize it if they have to, and certainly,you need the same people to help you accomplish certain things that your business requires like when you need extra service.

Another mistake that most entrepreneurs do is that we think that our friends and family will make us millionaires. Well, they have their share of support. However, you need to expand your networks beyond that. 

Do not just rely on friends only. 

They can be supportive in terms of giving you advice on how to improve your networks and how to provide better products, they can even buy your products, refer your products and services to their friends, but you cannot be sure that they will buy what you are selling everyday.

Therefore, to build something profitable, you have to look for ways to build relationships beyond your usual friends. For instance, you can use social media or build a website.

Some businesses have a timing

If someone told the owner of Kodak that he or she would go out of business after the introduction of smartphones and digital cameras, then the company would still be relevant today.

But that is not the case now, and let’s use that as the case study.

You have to know the right time to start your business. In fact, that is the reason you need to study your competition so that you can have improved strategies on how to beat them out of the market. It will also give you a hint on whether you should wait a little bit, or you should pursue your idea as soon as now.

Also, think about whether you want your business to be a full time or a part-time venture. Things like your career or other companies can be huge determinants on whether your business needs your full attention or not. 

Remember, new businesses need a special kind of attention. 

Do you have the personality that your business needs?

Have you ever met those people on the streets who give you a pitch that makes you feel like you want to buy their product or service, even when you had not budgeted for that?

That is what we refer to as personality, and that is what makes money for them. If they do not have that, they might not succeed even if they have an excellent product. Hence, you must give your business a personality that will make people remember you, or also buy more than they even intended.

Personality goes hand in hand with branding.

Some of the things you can do to help in this area include:

  • Hire someone to do the job – For this, you may need a budget to do so
  • Do a course to help you manage better
  • Hire a brand manager to assist you in branding your business image
  • You can choose to learn on the job – There is no harm in it

By the way, your business personality determines your business model. And if you can understand how you operate, then it will be easy to build your business from there. 

If you want business ideas, you can contact me I am sure I’ll be of great to you.

Once you have a clear picture of where your business is going, then you can start thinking about:

  • Capital – how much money do you intend to begin with, and where will you get the money. If you can avoid loans, the better
  • Have a clear picture of your target market. Also, determine how you are going to get their attention. Doing so will determine your pricing and how you are going to market your product
  • Think about the brand – your logo, the product, services, and think about consistency; in this case, you should be thinking about how you wish to present yourself to the world out there
  • Examine the laws in your country. As in, what are the requirements for registering a company? And things like that.

Bottom line

Take note of the points stated above. They can determine whether your business is a waste of time and money or not. Hence, consider everything with intent.

Overall, do not be afraid to take risks. Business, actually, is about taking those risks, and if you do your math right, you will develop something concrete and profitable. Fear, by the way, is among some of the reasons people fail in business. 

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