Debt of Life: Building a Debt-Free Life Through Consistency

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Ever sat down alone and wondered how you got to a certain point? You kept on asking questions that you could not find any answers.

In life, a lot happens. People betray you; life becomes unfair, it challenges you, you get new friends, and old ones do not want to see you again…etc, etc.

There is a lot to learn about life. I have learnt many things from when I was a boy to now. One thing I have come to learn is that God brings some people in your life for a season-and for a reason. When that season is over, they may leave you because they completed their task.

Today, I want us to discuss about the debt of life. This is an article for people who want fulfillment in their career life, spiritual life, financial life, and every other part of their lives.

You see, we owe life a lot. We think we are wiser but we forget that life is about foundations. If the foundation is stronger, then the structure will be bigger.

How Do I Define Life

To begin with, life is simply built on principles that you need to follow to the latter to succeed. We always have this habit of taking life in a hurry that we leave debts on our way.  Truth is, life will always follow up to make sure that it restores that debt.

Let me give you an example: A young girl decides to leave her parents to go and live alone. However, while at home, she was one disobedient child that cared not about submission. She never understood when her parents needed her home earlier. Additionally, she did more mistakes while she was away from home. Then one day, she has to go back home because she was reckless. She also lost her job because she was lazy at work, could not afford to pay her rent, and, God forbid, her boyfriend raped and dumped her.

This is how I reason: May be if she stayed at home, she would have learnt the discipline that comes when you submit. She would have also learnt from her mom the essence of womanhood even from afar. Now, life has made her learn it, whether she likes it or not.

We Have to Learn the Essence of Staying in One Place (Consistency)

Consistency is a powerful tool. Consistent people do not really care about giving up. You do not discuss this topic with such individuals.

Consistency pulls you to pray more, seek more understanding, learn from experience, embrace better relationships, equip yourself, and so much more.  To evade debts in life, consistency is a virtue that you need to embrace; otherwise, you will fall under the same pitfall of life.

Why Do you Think you Are Stuck in the Same Place?

If you see the same problems, repeatedly, it seems that you are not doing something perfectly. For instance, if you keep finding yourself losing jobs, which represent debts, it should give you a picture that the problem is not with your ex-bosses. The problem is with you. May be you are lazy, may be you did not work to their satisfaction, or you simply are not in tune with their vision.

If you have to move to the next level, then do something new: learn something new, embrace new relationships, embrace a new skill, mature, and please, start understanding that you can restore and renew your life.

Add Some Focus

We keep on jumping from one thing to the other. It tak

es us time before we realize what we should do to get to where you need to be.

After you write a vision, write a plan. Vision

What Are You Aiming at?

is the destination and a plan is the systematic procedure to get you to that destination.

Is it too Much too Chew or you are Just Having Fun?

If you could focus on the right things, you would be far. For me, I think that you should focus on one thing at a time. Stop putting so much on your table. You will bloat or even end up getting confused.

Confused is the opposite of Focus

You do so little when you are in a state of confusion. You can do so much, within a short time, when you have focus. I mean the right focus.

Dealing with Emptiness

You have to understand that beyond living, there is always a purpose. If whatever you are doing does not carry purpose, then you are possibly doing it wrong or it is wrong.

Purpose drives you. Before you leave for work, ask the reason for that specific job. It will give you a million reasons for working.

Another thing: If you feel empty and you do not feel like quitting, continue doing whatever you are doing, but you may end up costing yourself too much.

Final Thoughts

Be where you are supposed to be. Do everything at the right time. Do not be in a hurry to go to the next level while you feel incapable of that next promotion.

Learn to be still and to give yourself some time. Do not push things. I always tell my friends to keep off from something that is not working. Thing is: You will save yourself from self-destruction and bad health. You will always keep yourself from destroying you if you learn to handle the pressure of life.

Overall, do not leave any stone unturned; do not give the devil any space, and do not encourage having debts in life, especially by doing so many mistakes.

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  1. Thanks Bob, it reminds me of Albert Einstein “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”

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