6 Powerful Things To Regain Your Confidence

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Confidence brings you to a place where you realize your life, dreams, and visions. However, a bad breakup, job loss, rejection, or failure could lead to loss of confidence. Despite this, you can recover.

So, in this article, we are going to look at practical things you can do to feel good about yourself. By good, I mean, getting back that confidence, feeling achieved, or feeling a part of life again. The article will be helpful, especially if you are going through a transition or if you have been going through something tough.

The prodigal son and how he lost his confidence

People have bad days (or seasons). Everybody has one, including the person who looks happy all the time.Such people have learnt to be positive even when things do not look that way.

When the prodigal son left his home, he was positive that he would make it. Life, however, led him to the pigsty. In short, one wrong decision led to another. And by the time he was getting back to his senses, everything he had was already gone. His life was in shambles, and he knew that the only thing he would do is go back to his father.

The prodigal son while in the pigsty. A significant picture of where our own plans can sometimes lead us to

He would have chosen to remain in the pigsty. The pigsty represents a place where your mind feels lost, a place where you lose your identity and yourself, or even a place where you are not supposed to be. And that, my friends, is where most of us are when you do not feel confident.


What are the practical things you can do to help you to gain back some confidence?

1. Go to the gym

Working out gives you a sense of achievement, which in turns brings your confidence back

When we think about fitness, we think of huge muscles, heavy machinery at the gym, and many other imaginations.

A gym is not a place of pain. It is a place where you can learn how you can handle pain and build discipline. Besides that, you can use workouts to clear out your mind. And that does not mean difficult routines. Simple exercises can be as effective.

Many people fail in their work out plans because they cannot remain disciplined to the routine and themselves.

By the way, that includes me.

However, I can tell you this one thing. Whenever I work out, I feel so strong. I even feel like I own the world. No amount of stress can bring me down regardless.

Engage in simple exercises at home. These exercises can have so much impact if you do them right. Furthermore, with the internet and different workout apps to fit your needs, you can follow particular influencers who offer practical workout plans. I would recommend workout apps for anyone who may feel that paying for a gym membership is an affordable option at the moment.

2. Eat well

Many TV shows today focus on helping people learn how to diet properly. They do this because bad diets can cause illnesses and deficiencies.

The first thing to do is not to starve yourself because you want to lose weight. Well, if you want to know what starving can do, ask some popular actors. They almost killed themselves while preparing their body for a role in a movie.

In addition, for some people, starving has a way of adding more weight.

Here is why.

When you starve, you tend to lose energy that your body needs for the various activities you have to do during the day. Therefore, because of this, when you start eating, your body tends to want to compensate. In turn, you could end up eating more, which causes your body to store the extra food as fat on your skin. And that, my friends, is how you will grow fat in an instance.

Nutrition always has an impact on your health and mood

Hence, it is important that you practice taking a balanced diet. As much as people demonize starch, you need it for energy. The trick is to know when you need to eat starchy foods, and when not to eat them.

Be strict on your eating habits and watch out what your eat.

If you build discipline on this, it will bring balance to your body and your hormones.

3. Buy something for yourself

When was the last time you bought something expensive for yourself?

If you want to feel a sense of achievement, you could try buying something for yourself regardless of how cheap it is. It does not have to be expensive if you do not have a budget. You could also try saving up for it. The art of saving can also bring a sense of achievement, and the feeling of going after your goals.

On that note, many people fall into the trap of living life beyond what they can afford or impulse buying. These two are unhealthy habits, which will cause you more trouble than you can imagine. Thus, do not make that mistake because you do not want unnecessary debts.

4. Write down goals and visions

Writing your visions and goals gives you direction.

The best way to grow is to write down your ideas on plain paper. Visions, sometimes, may look like they are unachievable; but if you work hard towards them, you will get there.

One of the reasons we do not accomplish our goals is the lack of consistency.

Think about it this way.

If you wanted to bring down a wall, the best thing to do is hit that wall consistently. Within no time, it will break into pieces. If you stop in the middle, then the wall will not break.

A good way of ensuring that you follow up on your visions is to write them down. Start by finding a favorable environment that will encourage you to think and meditate. It could be your home church, a park, a plush restaurant, or traveling far from home or work.

5. Date yourself

Before you start dating others, you have to date yourself. It is essential, and it is a crucial principle. Many people lose themselves in dating toxic people who drain their strength or who they are.

Hence, dating yourself is about knowing your true identity. Did you know if you could understand yourself better, it would make dating others easy? Try and be unique. At least, that is what God desired when He created each one of us.

As you date yourself, take time to build yourself, go on solo dates (as long as you can afford it), learn new things, learn from people’s mistakes, and build networks. Most importantly, take time to learn what God wants for your life.

Dating yourself is the best time to identify your strengths, weaknesses, limits, how to love yourself, and it is also a time to focus on your goals.  Besides that, it gives you a sense of achievement, which builds your confidence for the next level.

6. Pray and read the word of God

Most celebrities and billionaires whose wisdom is profound, usually find their knowledge from the Bible. You will even find some of them even quoting scriptures that helped them succeed.

The Bible hides so many treasures. As you read other books, consider studying the Bible regularly. You could get hundreds of secrets from it. You can start by committing yourself to reading a few verses a day to facilitate inner growth because that is what you need.

Commit yourself to reading the Bible. It will help in building your internal strength.

We read the Bible because our confidence should rest on God. He created the earth, and then created us in His own image. If He did all that, then He has the full blueprint of who we are.

The reason why reading your Bible is vital is that the world will give you an image- or an identity. If you conform to the world’s patterns, then you are going to be like the world. But if you read the Bible, its words transform you to what God wants you to become. You become a copy of what God had in mind when He was creating you.

Final Remarks

Getting your confidence back takes time; therefore, be patient.

If you are in a place where you feel bad about yourself, do not give up. Regardless of how bad the situation is, you can restore yourself if you put enough energy into it. Besides that, do not expect to see results immediately, though it can happen.

From today, understand that confidence comes from a place of achievement. Even if you had lost it before, achieving different things, regardless of how small they are can bring back your confidence.

Additionally, be patient instead and, through it all, you will start finding who you are. Your low moments could be the most defining times of your life. Always bear that in your mind.

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