5 Lessons To Remember when We Go through Tough Seasons

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The Bible says that time and season belong to God. It also adds that the race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant, or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

You see, if you are doing something not meant for a particular season, it means that you are out of ORDER, and UNCOORDINATED. For instance, an example of a farmer who chooses to plant during a dry season, then his intention is futile.

If Joseph took the responsibility and decided to do things against Pharaoh’s vision, then I think the whole world would have died out of famine, which would turn out to be disastrous for the entire world. He had to follow his “father’s” vision to feed the world.

I like what Paul said, “When I was young, I did and thought as a child. Now I am old my ways and thoughts have changed.” ~paraphrased~

Tough seasons are there to make us more robust. I went through one, and I think that God chose to take a back seat on everything concerning me. It was a season where I had to learn several lessons:

1. How to prioritize

Life is not just about food, clothes, and shelter. Life has more to offer, but it is something that most of us choose to ignore. In fact, food, clothes, and shelter are basic things that we should all have; however, there is always purpose in everything that we do and acquire.

Investment goes beyond money. You should invest in your body by going to the gym and eating healthy; invest in your spiritual life by going to church; invest in valuable friends because of where you are going. In other words, you have to learn that every season has a reason. Another thing is that you have to learn to use your faith during harsh seasons.

2. Purpose is born from a hard place

Yes. Have you ever looked at someone and you admired his or her beauty, his or her strength, and his or her wellbeing?
Well, if you study them, or watched them closer, you will notice that there is a story behind their beauty. In short, that is the real definition of beauty for ashes.

Beauty is born out of purpose. And let me tell you that when you start understanding purpose, it does not choose your background, how ugly or beautiful you are, or even how poor or wealthy you are. It starts to deal with who you are on the inside.

Scribes say that Paul, who was the writer of most of the New Testament, had a problem with his eyesight. In fact, some of them add that he was not that good looking. But you see when he chose purpose, all that did not matter anymore. What mattered more was the number of people he touched and the people he continues to touch up to today.

3. Take as much time preparing as you can

When women are preparing to go for a date, they take even hours to ensure that they look good. On the other hand, men take even ten minutes to prepare. My point is not to argue how women take time to prepare or even how they should change that. No.

You need to take as much time as possible to prepare. Look, it took seven years for Egypt to experience good produce. The food was enough to feed the whole world for another seven years of famine. Sometimes, when you choose to prepare, you somehow save time rather than waste it. It pushes you a notch higher than others do, by the way. For instance, because it was a vision, it not only fed Egypt, it was able to supply to the whole world. In short, you do not belong to yourself.

We should also start to view tough seasons as times that we should take to prepare ourselves, not complain. Complaining is a distraction that derails you because it has to do with emotions, and so on.

4. Trust God

Let us think through this. God is the creator of the universe, right? He knows where He placed everything. Every good thing, everything that you desire, He knows where to find it. When Cyrus became king, God told him that He would give him treasures of darkness and the hidden riches. This was quite a blessing.

This means that He would bless Him beyond what He saw, what he knew, and what he imagined. During those thick moments, relax and see God do it for you. God likes to see a stress-free you. He also wants you to trust Him that He can show you the way out.

In some cases, God takes you through that because He wants you to be an answer to people that He is going to bring your way. For instance, if you are going through a bad breakup, and it goes to the extent where you even want to commit suicide, the chances are that you will help people who will be in that same situation if you overcome.

5. Tough seasons are the best time to learn excellence

Excellence comes regarding the way we make choices, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we think, and the way we handle issues. Tough seasons sharpen you. Nevertheless, some people choose the other route, which is also what the devil wants.

During those terrible seasons, take more time to pray, to learn how to live, bring people who can help you get closer to the real you, and ground yourself. There is so much to do even if it does not seem so now.

You know that statement that says, “Everything is good, but not everything is beneficial.”It does not have to be complicated. Excellence starts by choosing something that is beneficial. You also have an opportunity of picking out things that are of a high standard since you do not settle for less. Nonetheless, make it as simple as it should be.


Tough season has many lessons hidden in them. You have to decide to go through the fire. If it makes you worse, then there is a probability that you made the wrong decision. However, if it sharpens you, it means that you are on the right track.

Oh, and before I forget, do not feel bad when your friends who promised to stand by you, abandon you. Do not blame them. It is just that they could not go where you are going. Appreciate them because you would not have learnt whatever you learnt if you carried them with you. Even Jesus had to go through it as well. His disciples left Him alone through his journey to crucifixion.

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  1. Great post 🙂 and Thank you. Emotions can wreck one if based by decisions and ways of life are led by them, they are like icebergs in the sea and one is the ship.

  2. Thank you for the ever encouraging, inspiring and thought-provoking messages. You do good work. Keep up, Brian.

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