5 Lessons People with Dreams and Visions can Learn from House Building

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Building a house or tower (especially a tower) is one interesting job I admire. Think about what goes on around that whole scene. People are busy stacking stones together, noise from machines, including many other activities.

For me, one of the activities that I dread most is climbing up cranes and doing all the painting. I am always afraid of heights, and I think that is the reason why I should rather I avoid that job because of the risks involved. To say the truth, I have a serious height phobia.

There is a lot we can learn from that whole scenery. After hearing several people talk about the building process, I felt it was the right to share this blog post. Some of the lessons are real-life lessons that we can use to build our visions and dreams.

  1. Always have a plan

Builders will not go directly into the building process without a plan. The plan dictates the design of the house, the shape, the dimensions, the measurements, the number of rooms it should have, and the number of stories it will have. No builder will go directly into building any house without calculating all these factors.

One who goes directly into his or her dream without prior calculation fails terribly. In fact, you fail even before you start. You need to sit down calculate the cost, the amount of time and labor it will need. We should also learn that the best achievement comes from the best plans. Invest some time and create a plan, which ensures that the structure will still stand even during tough times.

  1. Give yourself time

The tallest towers take time before the engineer finishes building the whole structure. If a five-storey building took one month to be built, then it is rare to stand trials such as earthquakes and heavy rains.

It will, therefore, put the inhabitants of that house at a risk of losing their lives. I find that designers will give the home sometime for the concrete to dry up before they can continue building the next floor.

Give every plan some time to accomplish. Sometimes it may take longer than usual. If so, be positive because there is always a reason for any delay. Everything deserves a season, and each season has its uniqueness and reason. Remember that there is still time for everything. Additionally, the building process is expensive because of the numerous expenses involved.

  1. Foundation takes time

Most people do not understand the role of a good foundation. We usually jump into things without careful consideration.

Did you know that the depth of the foundation determines the height of the building? Did you also know that amateurs do not build foundations?

If that is true, then think about the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. How deep is its foundation if the tower is that high?

When people are building towers, they will take most of their time on the foundations because it should have the ability to hold the weight of that whole structure. The same case applies to life. We should also approach life using foundational truths. Note that I used the word “foundational.”

Before you do something, start by calculating whether or not, you will be able to handle the pressure that comes with it.

I believe that we should all take time on this level because of our future. No dream is easy to achieve, and still, no goal is easy to handle. Your foundation determines whether you will be successful at sustaining it, or you will fail.

  1. Always revisit your plan

It would be ridiculous if you decide to read the plan once and build the house without revising it repeatedly. Remember that that should be your guideline or the direction to which you will build the house. Therefore, you should never lose it.

When you write your vision or plan down, be sure to keep it where you can see it. It will help you find solutions when you need some direction.

  1. Building a house requires a team

No engineer can build a house all alone. He needs people to help accomplish the original goal. Sometimes, he or she is not even able to do some of the things that need to be done. Therefore, he must employ others who have the strength and the skill to keep raising it.

In life, you need people who have the same vision around you. Most people go wrong when they walk with chickens whereas they are eagles. You should not walk alone, and you should not walk with people who do not have the same vision as you.

Recreate your relationships and have sober people in your inner circle who can reproach or rebuke you when you do something wrong. If you do not have at least one person within your circle of friends that can do this, you must be in the wrong group of people.

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