Why We Get Frustrated- 4 Simple Steps to help you Overcome Frustration

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Everyone has expectations, resolutions, goals, and visions in all aspects of life. These expectations take time before they manifest. For instance, each one of us has a new year’s resolution. You even have a display them on your wall so that it can act as a reminder.


Frustration may come in when you have not properly considered the requirements that you need to achieve everything that you have set on that specific display.

We have become victims of frustration in one way or another during different seasons of our lives. The question that comes to mind is what can we really do to avoid falling into the hole and trap of frustration? This article offers different insights that will help you overcome this giant.

What Does God think about Frustration?

When Simon Peter was washing nets, which signified that he had given up on his career, Jesus came in and told him to throw the nets into the shore once again.

Wait a minute!… What?

Maybe Peter felt that he had invested too much time and effort into the business yet it bore no fruit. However, in the midst of all these thoughts, he still did what Jesus told Him.

God does not like people who give up. When you become frustrated, the giving up message is the first signal that reaches Heaven. God loves people who do things by faith. Additionally, he likes people who push themselves up to their limits because that is where great things are born.

Whenever you think of frustration, think of something that disables your potential, your power, and all your efforts.

What are some of the things you should do to overcome your current frustration?

  1. Be Patient- Give it another chance

Most people give up in the middle of their journey. I love listening to people who have excelled in certain fields. I relate to these stories because they make me realize the amount of power that I have as an individual.

One thing is common in all these stories. All these individuals began from a humble beginning and their common statement is, “never give up!”

When you learn to give everything another chance, you are giving yourself an opportunity to live another day differently, getting it right, and correcting your mistakes. It is another opportunity to become intentional too.

  1. Be Faithful- Embrace your position

I love the story of Jesus’ birth. He was born in a manger. However, look at the opportunities that his birth brought to him and his earthly parents. He received gold, among many other gifts. His current position-the manger-did not mean that he was less of a king.

When you embrace your job, with the little money that you get, you embrace the fact that you can get better at it while you are still there. Manage yourself from that small place.

I know a friend of mine who I honor so much to this day. When she got her first job, she decided that she would be getting to the office earlier than anyone else did. She would prepare the place so that clients would find a neat place during working hours.

After a few months, the business opened a new branch, and they needed someone to manage it. The boss asked the manager in that same branch she was working in to point out the person who went earliest to work.

She immediately landed a job as a manager.

Take that small space, job or business that other people degrade and be faithful to it. You will see results finally.

  1. Be firm- Go hard at it

Past mistakes bring us down. We never want to learn from them. Instead, we become remorseful and bitter with other people. You see, you failed because there was a lesson behind the failure. Some people are bogged down by what other people say.

By the way, note this: I am not saying that you should continue doing something that is toxic, no. I am talking about doing mature and healthy things.

If we decide to listen to our instincts, our true selves, we will find that thing within no time. Do not think about the mistakes that you made, learn from them.

Also, if you fear failure, then know this: the mistake may lead you to a crazy invention. Some of the inventions we have were not the inventor’s original idea.

  1. A Break would do

Let us say you are running in a marathon. You decide that you will continue to run for hours even after the race is over. You will obviously collapse at the end.

Most people are too hard on themselves. They keep on thinking and thinking about certain problems in their lives until they break down. The best solution for this is to take a break for some time. Stop thinking about your goals for a minute and distract yourself with something that will give you the energy you need to get back on track.

Take a walk, take yourself for a date, or even go and see some flowers. Do not suffocate yourself with the thought that you will build Rome within a day.

Final Thoughts

I will conclude with the story of Joseph. He came from a royal family of Israelites. His own brothers threw him into the pit because they felt that his father loved him more. They later sold him to Egypt, and once he reached there, Potiphar bought him as a slave. Again, Potiphar’s wife made her husband throw him into jail. He had to wait for several years before he became governor.

The lesson you need to learn from this is that you need to give time to what you are building because you are yet to finish your race. When the time comes, everything will become beautiful the way God intended it to be. Focus on the end but also lay one stone after another until you achieve your goal.

Let us know what you think about the article and share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

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